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*Updated: November 2017*

How did Faery Ink Press start?

You can read a more in-depth history here. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but it was in university that I started researching alternatives to traditional publishing. I’d submitted manuscripts to publishers with encouraging results, but I wanted to see if I could publish myself and actually be successful. I took a publishing course at Humber College, where I made lots of friends and filled in the gaps in my publishing knowledge. Then, in 2011, I published my debut novel, Within.

How do I buy your books?

Faery Ink Press sells books directly to the reader online. You can also order them in to Chapters or your local bookstore. Most of the time, the copies provided to them will be print on demand, printed and distributed through Ingram. This is the cheapest, most efficient way for me to distribute a print copy that doesn’t come directly from me, however I cannot guarantee how long it will take for you to receive them. The fastest way to get a Faery Ink Press book is to order directly through this website. If you are a Canadian bookstore that would like to carry my books, please see the distribution page!

I also attend conventions regularly in Canada, and sometimes in the United States. You can see where I’m going to be by visiting my events page.

When will your next book come out?

The Emerald Cloth (The Violet Fox #3) will be out in April 2018. Darkness In Her Reach (Sparkstone Saga #4) will also be out in 2018.

I am also planning to release a YA fantasy romance novella series in 2018, titled Halfwing.

Please check the blog or the Facebook page for updates!

Who does your covers?

My partner, David. The Sparkstone Saga covers are illustrated by Bramasta Aji.

Do you give refunds?

I will do exchanges on corrupted eBook files, or try to help you troubleshoot files if they don’t work. For print books, if you can send me proof that a book has a missing page, or anything where the printer might be at fault, I will do an exchange. Unfortunately I cannot accept returned personalized, signed books.

I’m a book blogger/reviewer. Can I review one of your books?

Sure! In most cases, I only give eBooks for review, especially if you are not in Canada. This is because of exorbitant shipping costs. Contact me if you have any questions!

Do you take submissions?

Not right now, I’m afraid, but this is something I’m working toward. I may expand Faery Ink Press and publish other authors in the future. Help Faery Ink Press grow by buying a book today!

Do you have a question? Comment and I’ll reply 🙂

5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Ms Marshall,

    I hope this note finds you well and prepared for this week!

    I will be among a throng of other adoring fans flooding your booth-steps with attentive gazes and intriguing questions so before I really do take up valuable time with you that could be better spent selling one of your great books I would like to know if you entertain the notion of working with other artists/illustrators for the books that you publish?
    Thank you for your time and consideration of this question?
    And your indulging my overly flowery approach to a very simple question.
    Ciao for now,

    • Hi Mark, thanks for reaching out to me! Yep, I keep an eye out for artists for future projects, and generally let my interest be known, but I don’t accept portfolios from interested parties at this time. See you at the Expo!

  2. Hi Clare!

    When will the next book in Thr Violet Fox Series be out? I loved the first two and can’t wait for the next!

    • Hi Kat,

      Thanks for reading! The Emerald Cloth will probably be out around April 2018, unless I magically am able to get it out by the end of 2017…but I don’t want to rush it! 🙂

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