For your consideration: The 2014 Aurora Awards

It’s that time of year–time for you to cast your vote for the Aurora Awards!

For those of you who don’t know, the Aurora Awards honor the best in Canadian science fiction and fantasy literary works, artwork, and other fan activities every year. There are multiple categories available and my 2013 release, Stars In Her Eyes, is eligible for this year’s YA Novel category.

Why Should I Care?

The Aurora award highlights the best of Canadian science fiction and fantasy. It’s easy for Canadians to get lost in popular media because our culture is saturated with American culture. The Aurora award allows Canadian artists to be featured and recognized by the science fiction and fantasy community across the country!

Why Should I Vote For Your Book?

Stars In Her Eyes

  • Elevator pitch: Stars In Her Eyes (Sparkstone Saga #1) is X-men with aliens set in Northern Alberta.
  • It features a group of friends with a variety of superpowers: invisibility, communication and manipulation of technology, mind-reading, the power to shoot fire and ice from hands, teleportation, and foreseeing the future in dreams.
  • Grey villains: they have hidden agendas that aren’t completely nefarious…but aren’t 100% “good” either.
  • Strong female characters. Ingrid Stanley, our protagonist, wears tall boots and would much rather fight aliens in space than go on a date.
  • Lots of action! You won’t be bored when you read this book.
  • Pretty cover! I guess if you don’t have time to read the book…well…at least I get points for style? 🙂

The eBook version is available on Amazon Kindle store for just 99 cents, so why not pick up a copy and judge it for yourselves before casting your vote? It’s also available at the Kobo store and other e-retailers, and from me directly.

You can also read the first three chapters for free here!

Want to read reviews? See Goodreads.

How Do I Vote?

If you are Canadian, you are eligible to vote! For instructions on how to nominate a Canadian artist, please see the Prix Aurora Awards website. It costs $10 to become a member and cast your vote.

How Can I See Who Else Is Eligible?

For a list of other eligible works, please see here!

  • If you don’t vote for me in the YA category, consider voting for my friend S.M. Beiko‘s book, The Lake and the Library, because it’s really good! Her prose is very beautiful. You can also vote for her and Sandra Kasturi for the Imaginarium 2013 anthology in the Best Related Work category. Also, she’s teamed up with Chadwick and they operate the Winnipeg flavour of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series together, eligible under Best Fan Organizational. She basically doesn’t sleep, I guess? She deserves all your votes.
  • My friend Chadwick Ginther also has a book eligible, Tombstone Blues, sequel to Thunder Road! His Norse-mythology-in-Winnipeg fantasy is pretty badass. If you are a Loki fan, then you will like his stuff. Also tattoos. So many. And talking ravens? Yes.
  • Randy McCharles is tireless in his commitment to promoting speculative fiction from publishers big and small! He is the chair of When Words Collide so vote him in the Best Fan Organizational category. He also has some short fiction eligible in The Puzzle Box anthology as well as a story in the Urban Green Man anthology.

…and so, so many more!

Vote! Vote! Vote! The deadline for voting is April 12, 2014. Good luck to all the authors and content creators!!!!

Go vote now!!>>