Applying for Internships

Just one more day of specializations, and then I’m two thirds done the Creative Book Publishing Programme. Hard to believe it’s all gone so fast.

Right now I’m up last putting finishing touches on my resume and cover letter. I’m applying for the BookNet Canada internship. Whenever I think about this I always want to say “scholarship” because it awards $9,000 over a 4 month period. It’s the highest paying internship in the industry and I think I have a shot at it. I’m also going to apply for a HarperCollins internship, which is less pay but you get a free e-reader out of it, I believe, and it’s also a technology based internship. I’m all about the technology.

As long as I get something that pays [well], I will be set to stay in Toronto for a few months. Otherwise, I’m going to have to get a part time job somewhere to pay the bills. Which reminds me, I also need an apartment before August 24th, when I’ll be kicked out of residence. I should probably get on that soon.