Big Things Happening at Faery Ink Press

Lots of things happening here at Faery Ink Press!!

Not only have I gotten around to putting up a new theme, but I’m hosting a giveaway, and I’m in the process of hiring an editor for The Violet Fox–due out October 13, 2012. I had hoped to get it out earlier this year–like, now–but freelancing took over. Oh well. Now that my bank account is overflowing, it’s time to put some of that sweet mola to publishing books. YAY!

Dave is busy designing the cover, and I can’t wait to show it to you all. It is going to be amazing, but I guess that’s not really a surprise. 😉 I’m planning a cover reveal, so any bloggers interested in revealing my cover to the world when it’s done, let me know! I’ll have a formal sign-up in a few days.

Then…it will be blog tour organizing time again! The last one was a monster to organize but I think it went pretty well in the end. I’d like to have double the participants this time–I had about 20 bloggers for WITHIN, and it would be awesome if I had 50 bloggers. Formal sign up for this will come out probably after the cover is revealed. I’d like to schedule the tour near the release of my book this time, instead of two months after release.

Other big thing I’m doing is configuring my site for international shipping. Yep, if you live in the UK, US or wherever else, you’ll soon be able to buy a paperback version of my books directly from me! Configuring shipping is a bit of a pain so when it’s all sorted out, I’ll definitely let everyone know.

That’s it for now! <3 Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!