99 cent eBooks from Faery Ink Press

This weekend only, until Monday November 26, 2012, you can buy Faery Ink Press books for only 0.99 cents at the major retailers!

And the great thing is, they’re already selling! In fact I would consider leaving them at that price if only I got the whole 0.99 cents from Amazon. (I get 0.35 cents per sale on Amazon if the retail price is 0.99 cents). Oh well, publishing is a bit of an experiment sometimes, isn’t it?

You can also buy the 0.99 cent eBooks from Faery Ink Press or on Smashwords with the following coupons…

The Violet Fox: AU88H

Within: PJ79E

So, if they’ve been on your list for a while, now’s the time to get them for cheap!!

Amazon Links: The Violet Fox and Within