Blog Tour Countdown & Other Stuff

Just 6 more days until my blog tour starts! HURRAY!

I received some preliminary reviews from a couple of people and it’s been nothing but positive! 🙂 So exciting when someone that you don’t know in person likes what you have written.

I know I have some guest posts to write for some people–it’s on the to-do list.

Woulds & Shoulds is back to the grindstone, we recently took on a ghostwriting contract, which is completely different for us, but it’s self-publishing related, so I figured what the hell. It’s been fun so far! So now I’ll be writing that, and trying to finish up the first draft for my second book, The Violet Fox. It’s currently sitting at 61,000 words. I think it may end up being 70,000 words before it’s done. :O And there will be a sequel. More of a character sequel than a plot sequel: the story will end, but world events will continue in the second to create a second adventure for my characters.

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