Got a job!

I got a job!

I now hand out the MetroPlay in downtown Toronto. It’s basically the Metro, but it’s full of crosswords, sudokus, comics and fiction, and other games and puzzles. It’s free of course. It’s kind of a fun job, it reminds me a lot of working at Alexander Keith’s Brewery. The foot cramps are familiar and there’s a certain character one puts on while waving the papers around, insisting that everyone should have one. I’m naturally positive and I have lots of energy so it’s a good outlet for me.

Also, on my first day, I got hit on like 3 times by men twice my age, dealt with meowing homeless people (yes, you read that right!) and totally rocked my assigned corner. It’s only a 4 hour a day job, but it feels longer and at the end, just like working at the Brewery, I was wiped. Even though I did a lot more at the Brewery (sang, danced, played fiddle, gave tours, stayed in Victorian character, poured beer, played card games…)

You can also get Metroplay online, which is fantastic because there’s a serial fiction running. I wonder how one writes for that…?

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