Hear My Voice On The Blitz!

theblitzYou may have noticed I’ve been sharing/commenting/talking about a certain radio station a lot–92.6 The Blitz. It’s run by long-time community theatre guy and author Thomas Amo. He started the station about a month ago as a fun project but now it’s really turning into something–people are tuning in all over the world to listen to classic rock and find out about the newest indie book news.

A few weeks ago I was privileged to be interviewed by Tom “Slick”! Here’s the full interview if you missed it live. 🙂 We talk about my newest book, Stars In Her Eyes, my editing business, and the struggles of independent publisher distribution. I had a great time talking with Tom and though I was a little nervous, I think it went fairly well.

The Blitz airs weekdays 9am-12pm PST here.