Interview with Avery Olive!

Avery Olive is the author of A Stiff Kiss, newly released from Crescent Moon Press. She’s currently rocking her blog tour and decided to stop here for a few questions.

Clare: Your book is set in the States, and yet you are Canadian! What made you decide to make your characters American?

Avery: I know! I feel a little bad that I sort of well, turned my back on my Canadian Heritage… but after long talks with my editor, and the fact that we do things quite differently here, we thought it would be less confusing to just make everything American. Also, the USA is a much bigger audience, so we chose to cater to them. And it also makes things just less confusing.

Clare: What was it like working with Crescent Moon Press?

Avery: The experience so far has been really great. They are very welcoming, it sort of feels like a second family. My editor was amazing to work with. She really took all my thoughts and opinions into consideration and it made A Stiff Kiss great. The cover artist did a great job too. I think all these things make CMP a great company to be a part of.

Clare: If there was one thing you would change or do differently throughout your entire publishing experience, what would that be?

Avery: So far… Nothing. I think I’ve done the best I can, and have used the resources around me to my benefit. I think timing is everything, and of course not giving up. A Stiff Kiss was actually my third novel written and though I’d have liked the other two in print, I can look back a see that over the course of my journey my skills have vastly improved and it just took those two other novels to hone my craft.

Clare: Half of the book is written from Landon’s perspective. How was it different (or difficult) to get into his head as opposed to Xylia’s?

Avery: It was hard, for sure. I tried to just think of all the men in my life, previous boyfriends and what not and tried to roll that into my character. I think the hardest thing… is remembering that guys don’t have huge, heartfelt conversations. They like things short and sweet. But Landon of course is a gentlemen So he definitely has a softer side which made it easier.

Clare: If you were suddenly rich beyond your wildest dreams, what would you spend your money on?

Avery: Who says I’m not already rich? Haha Just kidding. I would really like a bigger house. I have an office, but it’s a little cramped. I also have my eye on a very sleek Lincoln Navigator. I’d probably also take my family—my ENTIRE family—on an amazing vacation.

Clare: Tell me about your future projects! What are you working on?

Avery: A few things actually. I have about three projects on the go (which is all new to me, since I usually stick to one thing at a time) because I’m being pulled—by characters—into several different directions.

I’ve got something to do with A Stiff Kiss on the go… but that’s all I can say about that. It may be a sequel, it may not… It may be published, it may not… It’s really too early to tell *wink* I’ve got a ghost story on the go… and I’ve got a short story on the go too! I like to keep things in the dark as much as I can. I don’t want to jinx myself

Clare: Thank you Avery for the interview!

Avery: Thanks so much for having me!!!

Stay tuned for my review of A Stiff Kiss a little later today. She’s also giving away a whole bunch of goodies over at her blog!

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