Interview with Sharon Sant, YA Author

I meant to get this interview up earlier, but with moving across the country and finishing the final re-writes/edits for Stars In Her Eyes, blogging got pushed to the side. So, without further ado, Sharon Sant! Author of Sky Song, an author who participated in the Indie Giveaway we had several weeks ago.

How long did it take you to write Sky Song?

Sky SongI wrote Sky Song along with another book during a summer break from university in 2007. To do both rough drafts, I think, took around eight weeks, but they were very rough! It got pushed to the back of a drawer for a few years while I finished my degree, and lots of my time was taken up editing for other people, and I finally finished tinkering with it at the end of 2012. What I’m trying to say, rather ineptly, is that it took six years to get it from my brain to a published book, but what percentage of those six years I spent working on it is anyone’s guess!

Why did you decide to publish your book yourself?

I have another book called Runners coming out in June through a small press, but a friend of mine self-publishes very successfully and I wanted to try it for myself. Working both ways has given me an interesting insight into the world of publishing as a whole. In fact, I never even tried to place Sky Song with a publisher; the decision to do it independently was made really easily.

What sets your story (or stories, if we look at the Sky Song Trilogy in general) apart from other YA novels?

Sharon Sant, Author

Sharon Sant, Author of the Sky Song Trilogy

I’d like to think that they offer some form of escapism, but in a way that people can connect with. Sky Song, in particular, takes place, for the most part, in quite a domestic, seemingly ordinary setting. I really love that in stories, though, the idea that if you scratch beneath the surface of everyday life, extraordinary things are happening. A reviewer recently said that because it was set in a seemingly mundane, realistic world, as a reader they could imagine that the story was happening to them.

Here at Faery Ink Press, we love faery tales! What’s your favourite faery tale(s)?

That’s such a difficult question! I’m not sure there is one standout tale that I can say I like best. I like the darker ones with all the Freudian subtext! I’m quite interested in Norse and Celtic folk tales too.

You have another book coming up, The Memory Game. Tell me about it! Why should readers of YA paranormal fiction read and/or buy this book?

Wow, you’ve done your research! That book is one that I’ve just decided to publish and only just added to my list. Why should readers buy it? I think it’s different. There’s no epic love affair, for a start, though it is about a boy and a girl. The world won’t end depending on their actions. But it is intense. And you may cry. A lot, I hope. The two main characters, David and Bethany are thrown together by circumstance. Without giving too much away, at the start of the book David and Bethany have absolutely nothing in common, in fact, David colludes in the bullying that Bethany is subjected to at school. Unfortunately for him, when he’s killed and comes back to haunt his village, Bethany is the only person who can actually see or hear him so he’s forced to deal with that. I think it’s an interesting dynamic – what would you do if you were doomed to eternity in the company of a person you didn’t like?

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