More Skyrim Screenshots

Pretty, pretty picture of Markarth…if only you knew what quest had brought me there for the first time. >.< Hey all, So when I'm not working or writing, I've been playing Skyrim. It’s soooooo addicting. Here’s some of the latest screenshots of what’s happening.

For those non-gamers, part of Skyrim is killing dragons and absorbing their souls, which you can use to learn Shouts, or special powers. They are spread throughout the game-world and it’s like a game in itself to find them all!

My character absorbing a dragon soul up north, above Winterhold. There’s a quest to kill a dragon there and there’s also a word of power, one of the Ice Forms.

I killed a dragon outside the Mage’s College. It just swooped down out of nowhere and all the mages started attacking it. I was hoping the body would stick around, so that the courtyard could boast to the world that I had kill the dragon, but no. It disappeared after a while.

YAY! I was so happy when I came across Sheogorath’s quest. He’s the daedric god of madness. There was a whole expansion in Oblivion dedicated to him, and it was the best. Everything was silly. They even had the same voice actor. I was pleased.

Also: go to Winterhold and talk to this guy named Sam about a drinking contest. Best. Quest. Ever. You’ll thank me later…

Speaking of silly, I found this lady in Solitude. I guess the ground ate her up and that’s how she died?

And finally, a picture of my character now. Got rid of the hood: got a Mage’s Circlet that gives me +50 Magicka. So pretty!