Musing Mondays #3

And….I’m back with another Musing Monday, hosted by Should be Reading. Today’s question is:

Do you like movies made from books? Which ones do you think have been done well — kept mostly to the plot of the book, etc?

Okay, so the first thing that comes to mind, of course, is Game of Thrones. Yeah, it’s a TV show, but let’s face it, it’s super high quality; it’s basically a movie. A very long movie. They did a great job adapting the book, and stay with the plot about 99% of the time. The only time they deviate is to do a scene that is mentioned in A Clash of Kings or A Storm of Swords, but did happen in Game of Thrones.

Also, I do have to say that the finale last night had a LOT of filler scenes. Like, Maester Pycelle, why are you rambling on for like 5 minutes? Even the woman you were sharing a scene with was bored. Yeah, I know you’re setting up something that doesn’t happen for a while…but still. 😛

Other book to movies films:

Inkheart: I felt that although they didn’t always stay on track with this one, they succeeded in capturing the “feel” of the novels. Also I read somewhere that Brandan Fraser played the role of Mo because Cornelia Funke based the physical description of the character on him. I don’t know whether that’s true or not but it’s pretty cool in any case.

It, by Stephen King: Was made into a TV movie. I really liked it at first because I watched the movie first and then read the book. The book has so much more in it, and when I watched the movie again, I was kind of like, “meh, you kind of got it.”

Pretty much the same with every other Stephen King adaption I’ve seen. The Shining is just hilarious. Remember the scene where the little boy is wearing that sweater with the rocket ship on it? And then it gets torn? My boyfriend was like, “Oh no, failure to launch!” I found that extremely funny at the time.

How about you guys?