My Reviews Are Moving!

So, I’ve been on a bit of a domain-buying, website-re-organizing mood lately since I do a LOT of website work with one of my clients. So I bought up a few domains for some future projects. Among them was the new home for my book reviews!

Starting next month, I’ll become a more active part of the book blogging community at YA Fantasy Book Reviews. The site isn’t quite ready yet but I’ve transferred the book reviews I’ve already done on this website to the new website. I’ll be removing them soon from here. It will officially launch in the first week of July. Just like my cover!

To anyone who I’ve promised to review, your reviews will be posted on the new website.

Stay tuned! I’m super pumped about this. After visiting hundreds of book blogs and seeing how beautiful they are, and how committed book bloggers are to sorting the good books from the bad, I think it’s time that I joined you all! 🙂