Mysterious Package

So this arrived in the mail today.

Dave mentioned something about *maybe* sending a secret “something” in the mail, but this arrived from the States. I’ve blurred the address because when I Google-mapped it, it’s a personal address. The Teal Boutique might be a woman selling jewelry though…or possibly clothing, according to my Google search. No, I’m pretty sure it’s not sexy lingerie…though that was the first thing that crossed my mind, ha!

I don’t want to open it quite yet…just in case it is an unwrapped Christmas present. It feels kind of hard and flat, so it might be in some sort of box, or wrapped in plastic maybe?

I’ll have updates when I open it! Curiosity is starting to creep up on me though…


So, this is what it was:

For those non-nerdy types, they’re Chrono Trigger magnets. Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs out there, even though it was made in like 1995 or so. It’s a time travelling story where a group of unlikely companions travel together throughout their world’s history to save it from destruction. There’s one part of the game where you can win a bunch of cats, and they just sit around in the main character’s (Chrono’s) house. They’re silly. Heeeheee.

Dave gives the best gifts.