New Year’s Resolutions

These are more goals than resolutions. I’m not just going to promise that they will happen, I’m already making them happen.

1. Publish two books this year. I already talked about this here, but this is well underway! The Violet Fox just needs another 5 or 8K words, and then certain parts need to be re-written, and certain people need names. The plan is to have all this done by the end of the month, and then the editing begins. Hopefully, it will be published on May 13. The second book of the year, currently undecided, will be published November or December 13.

2. Complete my book challenges. I kind of forgot about them until yesterday, actually. Need to get on that! Fortunately it’s only 10 books, which is totally doable.

3. Get fit. Okay, this is the stereotypical one. But I’ve actually been doing hundreds of crunches every night since Dave left. Looking good for when we reunite = motivation. Currently, I’m following this video program on youtube. I’ll post the video below. The first level of this workout is here. I’ve been doing some pushups as well, I’m slowly increasing that number every few days. I’ve seen some change in the last four weeks, but I know that doing only crunches with very little cardio will show very little difference. I would like to start running, but it’s pretty cold around here! Maybe when it’s a little warmer.