Problems with the Site in IE

It’s not really a secret to those I meet that I dislike Internet Explorer. So when I got an email a while back saying that certain areas of my website were not visible in IE–my blog, and any archive page–I was even more frustrated.

On one hand, I was inclined not to care, as there are better browsers out there that aren’t a pain (Chrome, for example, which is what I have taken a liking to–Firefox is all right, but I find it can be pretty bloaty). And really it’s IE6 and IE7 that give the whole line a bad rap, because they are famously incompatible with a lot of websites today. But, since I am doing a lot of web design work lately, I figured I should try to tackle the problem.

Actually, if you are in IE right now, you can’t even view this post. But, if you happen to be using another browser, the fix that I found is quite simple.

1. Go to your internet options and click on the advanced tab.

2. Scroll down the list of check boxes and turn OFF “Show Friendly HTTP error”.

3. Refresh, and hopefully you should see my blog posts!

This should clear things up until I figure out what little bit of code might be setting IE off.

Let me know if this fixed it for you!