Reading at the Economy Shoe Shop Tomorrow EDIT: Cancelled!


Due to circumstances beyond my control, the reading has been cancelled. 🙁 I know a lot of you were excited, and I was excited too, and I hate disappointing people. It may be rescheduled at a different venue in a few weeks, but I can’t say for certain.

Sorry everyone 🙁


Hey everyone,

Don’t forget that I’m reading at the Economy Shoe Shop pub tomorrow, 7pm! The Economy Shoe Shop is on Argyle St, in Halifax. Can’t miss it, really.

You can come early, if you’d like, as I hear there’s going to be a cocktail/mingling hour.

Other authors reading are: Heather MacKenzie-Carey, author of Sweet Shack and Bach Bar, Stephanie Holmes, author of Spent, and Susan MacDonald, author of Balance.

Hope to see you there! ^_^