Site Changes

Today I finally got around to changing some annoying things on my website. Like those four little square boxes that occupied the front page that previewed the posts. Nope, they’re gone, and now they’re four rectangles. A bit better, but I’ll probably cut it down to two or three.

I also changed the colours on the dates, and then page navigation at the bottom. The page navi was black before, and now it’s dark purple like the rest of the website.

A few days ago I made some custom headers for the site and put them on random. They’re all right for now. Maybe later when I get some motivation I’ll make some prettier ones.

Also, finally, I actually activated akismet. I know, I’m a crazy person for not having it activated. But seeing the spam sometimes was just so hilarious. Some of them are even marriage proposals. From robots, of course.

Next, to get some new widgets. I’m eying a progress bar widget that I will probably install after this post. And maybe I’ll play around with a picture manager for each post, but we’ll see. Now all I have to do is write!