Summer Faery Fun Book Blast!

Summer isn’t over yet! It fact, it’s really just beginning. So that means it’s time to do a book blast, giveaway…and SALE!

Summer Faery Fun Book Blast

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Yes, I’m having a summer sale. 30% off books and eBooks in the Faery Ink Press store when using the coupon SUMMER2013. The coupon will be active from August 13 to August 16, 2013. But I need your help getting the word out!

How It Will Work

Calling all book bloggers! Sign up for the event using the form below. Between August 13 and August 16, 2013 you will post information about Faery Ink Press books. Currently, I have three books: Stars In Her Eyes (YA sci-fi/adventure), The Violet Fox (YA Fantasy/Adventure), and Within (Supernatural Thriller/Contemporary). You can blog about one, or two, or all three! You will be provided with blurbs, links, book covers, and whatever else you need once you sign up.

Why Am I Doing This?

This book blast/sale is in part to celebrate my 25th birthday, on August 13, 2013. I was originally going to do a big party for my birthday online but seeing that Faery Ink Press’ 2nd birthday is November 13, and I didn’t want to have 2 parties, I opted to do a smaller event for myself and a bigger event for my brand. The sacrifices I must make to promote my books! 😉


I will be doing a SWAG giveaway! 2 People will win a Faery Ink Press bookmark, sticker, and button! 🙂

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After signing up, an automatic email will be sent to you with everything you need for your post. If you haven’t received an email, check your spam mail! If you’d like something that’s not in the email, or you have questions, please email me at clare [at] faeryinkpress [dot] com. Thanks!

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Awesome Participating Bloggers!

1. Love, Literature, Art, & Reason
2. Patricia D. Eddy (Author)
3. Clare Davidson’s Blog (Author)
4. Stephanie Parent (YA Author)

Thank you!