Thai Restaurants in Halifax

Because my novel Within is set in Halifax, I thought I would dedicate a few posts to talking about the city. Specifically, this post will quickly detail a couple of Thai restaurants. Thai food is important in Within as it’s what my protagonists Zack and Trinity eat on their first date.

Talay Thai

This location used to be Clay Cafe years ago, before it moved up to Quinpool. I’ve only been to Talay Thai once, about two years ago. The food was pretty good but that night they were understaffed and it took at least 45 minutes before our food came. Location: 1261 Barrington Street.

Gingergrass Thai & Vietnamese Food

This place is relatively new. Despite the papyrus font on the front window, (which you can’t see in the picture above, but trust me, it’s there!) the inside is tastefully decorated. The price is reasonable and the food was delicious. The last time I was there with some friends, the rice machine wasn’t working, so we got a noodle substitute and free ice cream. Location: 1284 Barrington Street.

The above two are pretty close to each other, but on opposite sides of the road.

Apparently there is a restaurant on Queen St called Cha Baa Thai…I’ve never heard of this one, nor have I been there. Must have popped up when I was in Toronto and Calgary? Also, there used to be Baan Thai, down on Blowers St, been that’s been closed for a while now–but there’s a nice Indian restaurant on the ground floor!