Three Things for an Indie Author to Do

One: Join the Independent Author Network


Found the Independent Author Network today via an author I am following on Twitter. I think I might join. It’s $24.95 US–one time fee for a forever membership. Seems professional, although I’m not a fan of their website layout. To be a member, you must have a twitter account with at least a 100 followers–so this is for the budding serious author. With money.

Two: Get your picture taken–professionally


A friend of a friend is a freelance photographer, and I’m considering hiring her. It will cost me $50 +, but it’s going to be worth it. Why? It makes you look professional. And it makes you look good. It’s like going to the spa for a day, but the effects are long-lasting because it’s a version of yourself that’s going to be preserved forever!

Three: Write your next book!


What are you doing reading this? Get out of here. Open your word processor. Right meow. Even if you have no ideas, jot something down, whatever comes into your head. Start the buzz early by talking about your next book: you might just make people excited enough that by the time you’re done, they will be ready to buy.