Web Series Writing Month

I just noticed the ad on my other blog is advertising something cool, and I am totally writing this on my own free will, as I love everything writing related.

You guys all know about NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month? Well Web Series Writing Month is where creators of online serials in all formats commit to an ambitious updating schedule. It’s not a fixed goal, as all web serials are different, but pushing yourself to new limits is recommended.

If only I weren’t doing Enterprise (our last assignment that requires us to create a publishing company, its titles, its marketing campaign, etc, and present it to industry leaders, like president of HarperCollins I think!) during August, I’d be totally all over this myself. We’ll see, depending on what job I get–hopefully something web-related.

I am planning on doing the 3-Day novel contest and NaNoWriMo, though. Any one else gonna jump on those bandwagons?