What to Publish Next? Some Forthcoming YA Fantasy.

So with the release of The Violet Fox next month, and the marketing/publicity ongoing, it’s time to focus on what I’m going to put out next.

Besides The Silver Spear—which will probably be published Fall 2013—I’d like to release a series of YA fantasy novellas. I have two ideas for a novella series. One is quite developed and is in the re-writing stage. The second needs some more development but I’m also quite fond of the characters.


This is a series I’ve been working on for a while, since the third year of university. It evolved from one character, an XXY male/female with striking red hair. I thought, what would happen if a hermaphrodite were placed in a fantasy land? Eventually an entire world with several cultures rose before me, and Two-Spirit was born.

I actually have a lot of this written because for several months, I wrote 500-1,000 word installments online. Each month featured a new plot-line focus, depending on the events of the previous months, but brought together with an overarching storyline. Now, I’m in the process of expanding each month’s “adventure” and turning them into novellas. There will be at least eight novellas in the Two-Spirit series, and I’m thinking of offering the first one for free. The first novella, entitled Sapphire, is finished, but needs a re-write. It will be 35,000+ words.

The Plot:

Xya has always been different from the other women in the village. While the others meekly agree to follow the laws made by the Kikmongwi Momuso and his band of warriors, Xya longs to be free and see the world beyond the towering wall. She’s also got a secret that her family struggles to hide: she’s not exactly a woman. Xya is a Two-Spirit, the first of her kind for over a century, with the power to change from woman to man. When she’s told that she has to marry Momuso, Xya makes a daring escape…but not before stealing a magical sapphire amulet that belongs to the village wise woman, who had refused her cry for help.

But the world is much more dangerous than Xya is prepared for. The amulet draws the attention of a powerful thieves guild, and Xya herself becomes a prize that the guild master, Zopyros, must have. With the help of her brother, Xya must protect the amulet, free her village from tyranny, and discover her true origins.

Darkest Fae

It’s only appropriate that Faery Ink Press publish a story about faeries! This story is less developed than Two-Spirit, but what I’ve written on it so far I really like, and I feel like I’ve got a unique set of well-developed characters developing. I’ve got maybe 6,000 words on this, but I really am in love with the Celtic-inspired world.

The Plot:

Connor MacDonnagh lives a quite life with his parents in the small town of Ashdown, one of many villages still feeling the effects of a human-fae war that ended twenty years ago. In the middle of the night, a stranger knocks on his family’s door, bringing an even stranger girl…with small, purple wings. Why is she here? His parents won’t say, and there’s something about the girl that both attracts and disturbs him. No one must know I’m here, she says.

Secrets cannot be kept for long, and someone…something…is after the half-faery girl. After a terrible disaster that tears his family apart, Connor finds himself on the run with the girl. From winged monstrosities to master assassins hot on their trail, Connor and the girl must find a way to stop a powerful, vengeful queen from rekindling a war that would destroy their world.


I’ve revised that description many times, and while it seems like the narrative is mostly from Connor’s point of view, it’s split between him and the girl. The problem is that I named the girl Ciara…which is another way to spell Kiera…who is the protagonist of The Violet Fox!

Both Two-Spirit and Darkest Fae will be in eBook and POD formats only, unless of course they sell well and then I may combine a few of them for an offset print run.

After writing all this out, I feel more clear on what I have to do. Publish Two-Spirit #1 & possibly #2 in the coming months, and work on Darkest Fae in the mean time to see how large it grows. All the while, keeping The Silver Spear on track for publication in Fall 2013.

No pressure, Clare. No pressure.

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