While My Book is in Editing…

After sending The Violet Fox to my editor, I have a moment to breathe. But only a moment, really. Because in publishing you always have to think months and months ahead, and I can’t let myself stop and smell the flowers for too long.

Now, I have time to focus on a couple of things:

1. Getting another manuscript ready to send away to traditional publishers/agents.

Yes, even though I’m an indie publisher, I’m still playing the traditional publishing game. Because why not have multiple eggs in multiple baskets? It’s good to always have at least one manuscript to shop around. You never know who might pick it up and read it.

2. Promotion. Promotion. Promotion.

I have some contests planned for The Violet Fox, and I’ve also got to get a start on planning that blog tour. Because those things don’t plan themselves, you know.

3. Set up a meeting with a printer.

Didn’t I tell you I’m going to do an offset print run of The Violet Fox? Yup! I’ve set aside some cash to do this, and while it’s probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought (besides school, of course), I think it will be worth it in the long run. I’m pretty serious about getting some traditional distribution. The more channels I’m available in, the better.

4. Try not to fall prey to Terraria.

Oh dear. How many hours has this game taken away from me in the past five days? It was only $2.49. It’s like Minecraft meets Metroid or Mario. So addicting. I’m like, I’ll just see how deep this goes, and then it’s two hours later. Bad, bad, bad for productivity.

5. Read and Review books!

I’m on fire over at YA Fantasy Book Reviews. Totally loving being part of the book reviewing scene. Now I just have to keep it up.