WWW Wednesday #5

Time for some more WWW Wednesday, hosted by Should be Reading. A little bit has changed since last week. As if I don’t have enough books at home to read, I went out to the library and picked up some more.

What are you reading?

Halo, by Alexandra Adornetto. It’s pretty good so far, as a distraction. I’ll be posting a review of it either Thursday or Friday.

I’m really taking my time with A Dance with Dragons.

What have you finished reading?

On Dark Shores, by J.A. Clement. I posted a review of it earlier this week. The writing was pretty good, but I found the story to be too short and didn’t hold my interest as well as I thought it would.

What are you going to read next?

The Gathering, by Kelley Armstrong. Got this from the library. Kelley Armstrong read the first chapter of this book last year at the Toronto Spec-Fic Colloquium, so technically I should put this on my “currently reading” list, no? 🙂

And of course, Linger. You’ve been at the top of my TBR list forever. Soon, soon! I’m trying to only read one book at a time on my Kindle, so that I’m not buying a million books at a time and then forgetting about them.