Book Giveaways May 19, 2012

This week we have lots of first books in a series and lots of little known indie books this week…hurray!……and a Kindle Fire! Yep, you know you want that. I sure do.

Obligatory Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with these blogs or these authors. I just do this for fun.

Book title: The Vicious Deep
Blog Doing Giveaway: I Heart YA Books
Book Type: Physical Books
Open: Us/Canada
Giveaway Ends: May 30, 2012
Book title: Exiled and Shift (not pictured)
Blog Doing Giveaway: Author M.R. Merrick’s Site
Book Type: Physical Books
Open: International!
Giveaway Ends: June 16, 2012
Other things being given away:

  • Posters of the book covers
Book TitleWritten in Ashes
Blog Doing Giveaway: Unabridged Expression
Book Type: US: Physical book OR eBook; International: eBook
Open: International
Giveaway Ends: May 30, 2012
Book Title: Seers
Blog Doing Giveaway: Fictional Candy
Book Type: Physical Books
Open: US Only
Giveaway Ends: May 20, 2012
Book Title: Stained
Blog Doing Giveaway: Book Sniffers Anonymous
Book Type: Physical Book
Open: International? (Doesn’t say)
Giveaway Ends: May 29, 2012
Book Title: Shadowland
Blog Doing Giveaway: Disincentive Reviews
Book Type: eBooks (10 copies available = 10 winners!)
Open: International
Giveaway Ends: May 28, 2012
What’s being given awayA KINDLE FIRE!
Blog Doing Giveaway: [Fikt]shun
Open: to anyone 13 or older who can receive an Amazon Gift Card. (International)
Giveaway Ends: May 30, 2012
Also being given away:

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card (see contest rules on site; special rules for non-US peeps)

Previous Giveaways

These are ones that I mentioned last week that are still going!

  • An eBook copy of Revamped by Ada Adams at Paranormal Indulgence. Ends May 28, 2012.
  • Oodles of Books is giving away oodles of things. Check out her blogoversary giveaway.
  • Paperback copy of Kill Me Softly, by Sarah Cross at Tynga’s Reviews. Ends May 21, 2012.
  • Goddess Goodies over atConfessions of a Bookaholic, ends May 24.