Dolphins are dumb and they deserve to die. You grab one by the flippers and sink your teeth into its fishy flesh. Chewy, but you’ve always had an affinity for sushi. You’re still hungry from the ice cream and this dolphin is really hitting the spot. It struggles for a little while, and then goes limp.

The little girl is aghast as you devour part of the dolphin. She drops her sandwich and cowers near her mother. The other dolphin worms across the pavement and startles the roaming elephant. It rears and brings its giant foot down on a nearby car, crushing the occupants.

When you’ve had your fill of dolphin, you drop the half-devoured carcass on the pavement. People are starting to empty the streets, but the little girl and the mother remain, too shocked to move. Cop sirens cry in the distance. They’re coming for you, you psychotic murderer you.

MURDER the elephant
MURDER the little girl & her mother
Use MAGIC to subdue the elephant
Use MAGIC to make the little girl & her mother forget this horrible tragedy?