It’s not that you feel particularly remorseful for those poor people that got crushed by the elephant (after all, you are hardly capable of such feelings), but it’s just that the elephant is really getting on your nerves. Look at it, stomping around, disturbing traffic and pedestrians, afraid of a puny little dolphin. You decide to put it out of its misery.

Elephants are stinky creatures but this one has a slight aroma of cotton candy, because of its long circus life. The elephant flaps its large ears as you near. People are standing around calling the cops and animal control, and some young teens have taken to shouting at it, pointing down the street towards you, telling it to pick you up with its trunk and squeeze you to death.

The creature backs away from you slowly, almost stepping on another car. You can see in its ancient eyes that it *knows* you are its master. You can see its life in those eyes: being captured at a young age in the African Safari, dragged away from its mother by faceless men and forced to perform in a circus. Food, glory, fame…but never a home. You have brought it here, and now it is time for its death.

You charge. The elephant is eleven feet high and if you can get on its back, you might be able to rip off one of its tusks and plunge it into its brain.

Roll a 6-sided dice.

3 or less
4 or more