Five Book Reading Challenges

The other day I was browsing some book blog browsing and I noticed that most people were doing book reading challenges. I’ve heard of these before, of course, but it never really occurred to me until then how fun they might be. If you’ve got a big TBR pile, this could be a way to get rid of it!

What’s great about these challenges is that you can do many of them at the same time, because you can use the same books across challenges…but where’s the fun in that, right? If you want to join any of these challenges, follow the link and either leave a comment in the blog post, or sign up directly. Sometimes the hosts will enter the participants into a draw and offer prizes to those that complete the challenge!

Here’s a couple I thought were really cool.

The A-Z Challenge

This is one I see myself doing next year. You choose and read 26 books based on what letter of the alphabet the title begins with, or, you can choose book based on the author’s first letter of their name. You can even do both, that’s 52 books! I imagine that the rules are pretty lenient in a lot of cases, though: like “The” and “A” may not count. It’s up to you.

The Time Travel Reading Challenge

This is another book challenge I’d like to do: read all kinds of time travel books! This one is largely self-directed–you can choose the amount of books you’d like to read. If you follow the link, the host has made a list of several different time travel books.

The Just For Fun Reading Challenge

Just like the title says. You have to read 12 books in 12 months. Seems pretty straight forward, right? Though this challenge is really meant for those who constantly see a book listed on a fellow book blogger’s website and say, “I want to read that!” and then acquire a copy and forget about it. This way, you can go through your large TBR pile, pick a few books that you’ve been longing to read and go at them!

Follow the Blurb! Reading Challenge

This challenge is super neat. You choose a book, and read it. Then, you have to choose your next book from an author that gave a blurb or promotional quote for the book you just read. You keep choosing books this way, and then at the end, you see where you end up! The only thing about this challenge is that you have to choose books with blurbs on them, so that would limit your choices somewhat. Still, it’s one I’d like to try sometime.

The Global Challenge

Another one I think would be interesting to do. (Okay, I admit it, I want to do them all!) The challenge is to read one novel from each continent. There are three levels to the challenge: Easy, Medium and Hard, where you must read one, two or three books from each continent respectively. I’m not clear whether the book has to have been produced or written in the continent, or if it can just be set there. Apparently you don’t have to do Antarctica, you can choose your own seventh continent, like outer space or a fantasy setting, so this makes me think that it doesn’t have to be from there, haha. The fantasy arctic authors aside, I think that would add another level of difficulty to the challenge.

You’re not limited to these. There are hundreds more if you take the time to explore some book blogger sites. You can even make your own. I think it would be need to do a challenge based on the Giller Shortlisted books–it would make me read them! Or, you could take a challenge based in another country (like the United States) and convert it so that it’s relevant to your country. For example, there’s a couple challenges where you have to read one book that is set in every American state. I’d change that so that I would read a book in every Canadian province (and make different levels of difficulty–like you have to read two or three books per province, if you wanted more of a challenge).