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The Silver Spear


Book Two of the Violet Fox Series

Release date: September 2015


9781988110004 (print)

9780991961085 (ePub)

9780991961092 (mobi)

Page Count: 320

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That’s what my prince tells me.
But to win the respect of my people
and shield them from the threat of war,
I must find the Silver Spear.

There are two kinds of people in Marlenia: the surface-dwelling Marlenians, and the newly liberated Freetors, who live underground.

Although sixteen-year-old Kiera Driscoll stands to become the High Queen of Marlenia, she cannot forget her origins as the Violet Fox, the world’s most wanted Freetor criminal. She rules alongside Prince Keegan, her intended, in the mountain castle in the West.

Kiera’s new position comes at a heavy cost. The East’s powerful Frostfire family prepares to march west, provoked by Keegan’s refusal to wed their daughter, Lady Sylvia.

With the world on the brink of war, Kiera turns to the elusive Elder apprentices–the only ones left underground who can control magic. In exchange for their help, the apprentices want something in return: the Silver Spear, an ancient Freetor artefact of immense importance and power to the Freetor people. Yet the Spear is a legend, and finding it won’t be easy–if it exists at all.

The world outside is treacherous, and their allies are few. At every turn, Kiera must sacrifice what she holds dear to move forward. As assassins trail their every move from the shadows, and a mysterious force plots to tear Keegan and Kiera apart, they must travel to the edge of the world to uncover the truth of the Spear before the East destroys their home.

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